Weigh in on Active Transportation Plan

Share Your Thoughts About Pedestrian and Bicycling Needs with WisDOT Planners

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is currently working on the Wisconsin Active Transportation Plan 2050 (ATP). WisDOT is holding a series of in-person pop-up events to talk about the ATP and hear from people across the state about their goals, needs and ideas related to walking, biking and rolling.

The events will be held at numerous times throughout the fall. You can find your nearest session on the ATP website.

What exactly is the purpose of the ATP? Essentially, the plan will bring together pedestrian and bicycle planning, and link those modes with the rest of the transportation system. This is critically important for nondrivers who rely on multiple forms of transit to get where they need to go, whether it’s a job, grocery shopping, medical appointments or visiting friends and family.

Historically, pedestrian planning and bike routing have been done in isolation from each other, and disconnected from motor transportation planning. The ATP will seek to address how they can all function together to better meet the needs of everyone in the state, including the 31% of Wisconsinites who do not drive.

We encourage you to participate in these events to share your thoughts about the future of active transportation in Wisconsin.

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