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Our first-ever Dining in the Dark fundraising events took place at GingeRootz Asian Grille in Appleton on April 29 and 30, 2013. A second night was added because the first night sold out so quickly! To start things out, Council Board members Nona Graves and Gary Traynor welcomed guests and provided tips on how to eat without sight. While blindfolded, more than 50 guests navigated through a five-course meal in the dark, using their sense of taste, touch, smell and sound. They temporarily experienced the challenge of living in darkness, and they learned about the Council’s work on behalf of individuals in Wisconsin who are blind or visually impaired. Some diners were even brave enough to use chopsticks! Restaurant owners Doris and Alice Ng donated 50% of the event proceeds to support the Council.

Diners using blindfolds Some brave diners even used chopsticks   Board member, Nona Graves, gave instructions and welcome