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We maintain these pages as an informational resource and public service for the community.

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These pages contain links to a number of useful resources arranged by category. Although the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired has worked with some of these organizations in the past, we cannot endorse or recommend their services.

If you know of additional links that align with our mission, please send them to for consideration.

While every attempt is made to keep current with all links, it is impossible to guarantee 100% accuracy. If you find a broken link, please e-mail


Agencies Serving the Blind & Visually Impaired


Vision Services




Agencies Serving the Blind & Visually Impaired


American Academy of Ophthalmology
Provides education to doctors and the public while advocating for ophthalmologists and their patients.

American Council of the Blind
Advocates for change in government programs and maintains the belief that all blind people have a place in society.

American Foundation for the Blind
Provides advocacy for all ages and fights for the rights of all blind people.

American Optometric Association
Provides a database of local doctors who are associated with American Optometric Association.

American Printing House for the Blind
Produces accessible books for students, creates software, and promotes education for the blind.

Blinded Veterans Association
Promotes the dignity of blinded veterans and helps them integrate into the community by helping them work alongside sighted peers.

Foundation Fighting Blindness
Focuses on research for the cure and prevention of diseases of the retina.

Lighthouse International
Provides health care, supported employment, and gives professional and adaptive technology training to people who are blind and visually impaired.

National Braille Association
Provides ongoing education to those who prepare Braille.

National Braille Press
Promotes Braille literacy, Braille books, and other Braille publications.

National Federation of the Blind
Works to help those who are blind attain equal treatment in all realms of life.

National Industries for the Blind (NIB)
Provides career opportunities for the blind and visually impaired.

Prevent Blindness America
Educates the public on eye health by providing publications, public service announcements, and through social media.

Research to Prevent Blindness
The leading, voluntary health organization supporting eye research directed at the prevention, treatment or eradication of all diseases that threaten vision.

Randolph Shepard Vendors of America
Strives to help those who are blind or visually impaired form, run, and fully manage their own vending machine business.


Aging and Disability Resource Centers
Provides information about resources and support on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability.

Beyond Vision
Enriches the lives of people who are blind through the dignity of work valued by customers and the community.

Business Enterprise Program
Assists people who are blind with running and operating their own vending, micro market, or food stand.

Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired (IBVI)
Provides career opportunities for the blind and visually impaired, with headquarters in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Lions Clubs
Have been helping communities for over 100 years by providing used eyeglasses.

Office for the Blind and Visually Impaired | Department of Health Services
Provides rehabilitation services to help individuals who are blind or visually impaired to achieve their own goals of independent living.

Veterans Service Offices
Assists veterans and their families with obtaining local, state, and federal benefits.

Vision Forward
Offers a continuum of services to people with visual impairments, helping them achieve important developmental milestones as well as personal, professional, and educational goals.

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BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download)
Offers downloadable books and magazines to a tablet, PC, or Smart Phone.

Learning Ally (Formerly RFB&D)
Provides textbooks in alternative formats.

Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library
Provides digital audio or Braille materials of books and magazines free of charge.

Children & Teens

Birth to 3 Program
Focuses on working with families of children who have a disability to help them develop.

Blind Children's Fund
Helps parents and educators find resources so that children can be independent.

Seedlings - Braille Books for Children
Produces over 32,000 Braille books each year for children.

Wisconsin Center For The Blind and Visually Impaired
This is a public, residential, K-12 school for students who are blind and visually impaired.


Community for Accredited Online Schools

Provides resources and a scholarship directory for students who are blind or visually impaired.

Hadley School for the Blind
Promotes independence through distance correspondence courses ranging from Gardening to Braille.

Gives resources for scholarships and advice on obtaining financial aid through a university or trade school.


Provides a comprehensive guide for students with disabilities for completing a Master's Degree.

McBurney Disability Resource Center – University of Wisconsin
Offers note taking, interpreting, and conversion of textbooks for UW students who are disabled.

Perkins School for the Blind
Serves children, professionals, and educators who are blind by providing technology and adaptive training.

Resources for Visually Impaired Students
Provides curriculum support, financial aid, and resources for students who are disabled and their parents.

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Vision Services

Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Produces Braille materials and provides training for independent living and computer skills.

Braille Library and Transcribing Services, Inc.
Transcribes print into Braille and tape format.

DOTS for Braille Literacy
Provides accessible, affordable, and authoritative webinars and courses for continuing education credits.


Americans with Disabilities Act
The ADA is a law that passed in 1991 which protects those with disabilities.

Disability Rights Wisconsin
Ensures those with a disability are able to live with dignity and provides support for individual’s legal rights

Low Vision Support Groups

Offers a list of support groups for those who have low or changing vision.

State Agencies

Department of Public Instruction
Oversees all public schools in Wisconsin to ensure that all children receive a high quality education.

Department of Workforce Development
Helps job seekers find employment, develop resumes, and further their employment goals.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Provides adaptive equipment and career guidance for employment and financial assistance for education and training.

Independent Living Centers
Provides support so that people with disabilities may live independently.

Wisconsin State Legislature
Assists in finding senators and representatives in Wisconsin and gives information on current legislation.

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American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults
Offers lending library of Braille books which are mailed out for loan or free.

Guide Dog Schools

Provides a list, organized by state, of guide dog schools in the United States

Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youth and Adults
Provides a residential training center for those who are deaf/blind to receive adaptive technology and mobility training, and life skills that help them become part of their community.

National Center on Deaf-Blindness
Helps deaf-blind children and their parents identify their disability and help them succeed in education.

Wisconsin Mobility Managers
Provides an accessible listing of each mobility manager in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Public Transportation Association
Contains news regarding transit as well as a listing of major transit systems in Wisconsin.

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