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Statue of Louis Braille

Happy World Braille Day 2021

A statue of Louis Braille at La Ressource, in the Hauts de Sainte-Marie of Reunion. Photo: Thierry Caro On World Braille Day (January 4), we’re reflecting on the impact of Louis Braille’s work by sharing stories from people across Wisconsin. The celebration of Braille’s birthday, January 4, 1809, focuses on how his contributions created equity… Continue Reading Happy World Braille Day 2021

Road sign with accommodation written on it

When and How to Request Employment Accommodations

Most public and private employers are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities. These adaptive tools and strategies allow employees to perform the essential function of their jobs and fully participate in the workplace environment. Why might employees with disabilities not have these necessary ways to… Continue Reading When and How to Request Employment Accommodations

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Visually Impaired Residents Laud Fond du Lac's New Audible Traffic Signals

Woman crosses street using white cane.

Janesville to Recognize White Cane Safety Day on October 15 Along with Other Cities


Fall/Winter 2020 Gift Guide

Listen to the audio version of the Spring 2020 Council Courier

Eleven Amazing Accessible iPhone and Android Apps

Listen to the audio version of About the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library


White Cane Safety Day Resource Toolkit

Our toolkit provides inspiration, examples and helpful hints as you plan for and promote this important day.

Adapting to Low Vision

This booklet is a beginning guide for lifestyle adaptation to low vision.

A Welcoming Main Street

A guide for businesses and offices to provide quality customer service for those with vision impairments.

Making Digital Content Accessible and Inclusive

This resource offers tips to make social media content more accessible to people using screen readers.

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Featured Video: GALLERY NIGHT 2020

Benefits and Support for Veterans with Low Vision

SMBMad: Social Media for All Presentation

Scholarship Ceremony 2020

Share Your Story

Share your experience with the Council and/or about living with vision loss. Stories we collect may be used in social media and publications. If you would like to remain anonymous, write “anonymous” on the name line below. Contact information is collected so we can reach out to you about your story. Contact information will not be shared.