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The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin

On Sight June 2018

Today is the Last Day to Sign Up for our Accessible Voting Webinar Two people stand in fromt of the accessible voting machine, ExpressVote in side profile. On the left is a male high school student, with paper in his hand and looking at the screen. On the right is a male official from the… Continue Reading On Sight June 2018

Brent Prezentka, Sharper Vision Store manager (on right) shows a customer how to use the OrCam glasses.

The Inside Scoop on Wearable Technology

For decades, science fiction writers have imagined devices that could read text from a printed page or give users the ability to instantly connect with another person to accomplish tasks. Now, with wearable technology, those dreams have become reality! Having hands-free access to information is one of the many advantages of wearable technology. Some devices work best for people who have some functional vision and some work well for people who have limited vision, or no vision at all. They all require a power source, like a rechargeable battery. Continue Reading The Inside Scoop on Wearable Technology

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On Sight March 2018

Last Chance to Register for Dining in the Dark at Charlie’s On Main A black and white photo features an incandescent light bulb attached to a wood frame of a wall. To the left reads, “Dinging in the Dark, A Four Course Dining Experience. March 22, 2018 – 6:30 p.m. – Charlie’s On Main.” Attention:… Continue Reading On Sight March 2018

A woman talking with her hands at a table.

A Way to Volunteer for a Cause you Care About: Apply to Become a Council Board Member

Board member Sharon Knaupf at a committee meeting. We are currently accepting applications for volunteer positions on the Board of Directors. Terms are three years in length and begin January 2021. Founded in 1952, the Council’s mission is to promote the dignity and empowerment of people in Wisconsin who are blind and visually impaired through… Continue Reading A Way to Volunteer for a Cause you Care About: Apply to Become a Council Board Member

A woman on a horse outside.

Be a Part of the Council’s Mission: Thank you to Council Donors Glenn and Karen Steffen

Karen Steffen is a long-time Council donor. People learn about the Council in many ways. Some find the Council’s website by Googling “vision loss in Wisconsin”. Others call because they are trying to find adaptive ways of doing everyday tasks. Still others are family members of those who receive Council services and observe the impact… Continue Reading Be a Part of the Council’s Mission: Thank you to Council Donors Glenn and Karen Steffen

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On Sight February 2018

Dive Deeper into JAWS: Research It, Flexible Web and Speech Manager highlight in March Assistive Technology Workshops The JAWS logo features a cartoon image on a shark. It smiles as small curved lines come from its mouth to represent soundwaves. You can check the weather, find books on, even get the conversion rates for… Continue Reading On Sight February 2018


New Year – New Communications Program Happy 2018! The Council is delighted to begin a new weekly email program to keep you up to date with everything taking place through our services, education and advocacy efforts. Every Monday morning, you will receive an email from us. The first email includes the month’s upcoming events and… Continue Reading JANUARY 2018 ON SIGHT


Accessibility Toolkit

Our toolkit provides helpful hints and best practice guidelines to make information more accessible and engaging.

Adapting to Low Vision

This booklet is a beginning guide for lifestyle adaptation to low vision.

A Welcoming Main Street

A guide for businesses and offices to provide quality customer service for those with vision impairments.

Making Digital Content Accessible and Inclusive

This resource offers tips to make social media content more accessible to people using screen readers.

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COVID Challenges Facing Blind People: Vaccine, Voting Accessibility, Virtual Learning

Covid 19 information

Here & Now: Vaccine Accessibility

A graphic of handwashing, sneezing, resting, and a hospital.

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Share your experience with the Council and/or about living with vision loss. Stories we collect may be used in social media and publications. If you would like to remain anonymous, write “anonymous” on the name line below. Contact information is collected so we can reach out to you about your story. Contact information will not be shared.