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Diners enjoy food that was prepared and served by students in the culinary program at Madison College.

Students Create an Inclusive Culinary Experience: Dining in the Dark at Madison College

Delicious food and a multi-sensory eating experience without sight are par for the course when it comes to the Council’s Dining in the Dark events. Diners enjoy a meal while blindfolded, and are not told what they will be eating until the plate is set before them. This enables them to enjoy the food with… Continue Reading Students Create an Inclusive Culinary Experience: Dining in the Dark at Madison College


Courier Spring 2023

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Courier Spring 2023 – Word
Courier Spring 2023 – PDF

Listen to the audio version of the Spring 2023 Council Courier

2022 Annual Report

Listen to the audio version of the Council’s 2022 Annual Report


Accessibility Toolkit

Our toolkit provides helpful hints and best practice guidelines to make information more accessible and engaging.

Adapting to Low Vision

This booklet is a beginning guide for lifestyle adaptation to low vision.

A Welcoming Main Street

A guide for businesses and offices to provide quality customer service for those with vision impairments.

Making Digital Content Accessible and Inclusive

This resource offers tips to make social media content more accessible to people using screen readers.

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COVID Challenges Facing Blind People: Vaccine, Voting Accessibility, Virtual Learning

Covid 19 information

Here & Now: Vaccine Accessibility

A graphic of handwashing, sneezing, resting, and a hospital.

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