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This webinar will include an introduction by the Council’s new Sharper Vision Store manager, Amy Dean. Focus will then turn to a discussion of indoor light, a critical component for people who have low vision or aging eyes. The webinar will cover how to select light bulbs, the type and placement of light to match activities, and an introduction to task lamps.

This 1-hour webinar is free. Registration is required to receive access to the live webinar on November 13, handouts, and the link to the archived version (available November 20). Register here:

A webinar is an online presentation. Listeners can be in any location with internet connection to hear the presentation and view video clips or slides. Listeners can ask questions and provide comments. Any internet-enabled device can access the webinar, including a smart phone, tablet, or computer. If preferred, listeners can access the audio portion of the webinar using a standard telephone line. All registrants will receive information to access the webinar.

For more information, contact Jean Kalscheur at or at 608-237-8106.