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WCB White CaneYour monthly gift of $42 buys white canes for 14 people -- and qualifies you as a Council Friend!

Your monthly gift of $20 funds low vision evaluations for three people who may not have the resources to pay on their own.

Council Friends are donors who give $500 or more per year. As a Friend, you will be invited to our annual Awards Luncheon and you serve as the pillar of support for the education, advocacy and referral services we provide statewide.

Dear Friends,

Not everyone can see well enough to read this letter.

Example of Macular Degeneration on Text 

Macular degeneration robs the person of their central vision.

If your vision changed and you could only see a portion of the letters on this page, where would you seek help to find a way to continue reading? If vision loss changed your life so that you didn’t feel safe using your stove, to whom would you would look for alternative ways to prepare meals?

Providing this type of assistance is exactly what Council staff does – and that is why your financial support of the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired is so important.

Besides teaching practical daily living skills to keep people independent and safe, Council staff bring hope and support into the person’s home by sharing resources, linking them with others experiencing vision loss, and offering an array of adaptive products that focus on using their existing vision in the most effective ways.

Being diagnosed with an eye disease is life changing and frightening. The world we live in is filled with visual images, signs and print. Staff works with each individual to help them adapt to changing vision in ways that are useful, proactive, and life-enhancing.

Your gift will ensure that each person who looks to the Council for services will receive them! Our life-enhancing work is not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or insurance plans. We rely on generous people and businesses who see the value in keeping those with vision loss independent and involved.

Please help us continue to transform lives by making a gift to the White Cane Fund of the Council! Thank you!


Loretta Himmelsbach, Executive Director
Lori Werbeckes, Fund Development Director

Tim in front of Council officeAll gifts to the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired are used to help people with vision impairment live independently and safely. You can move someone from isolation to independence with your donation!

$25 – interpretive services for a client who does not speak English

$35 – white cane

$80 – low vision evaluation to learn how to maximize remaining vision

$160 – two-hour home visit by a Vision Rehabilitation instructor to learn safe cooking skills, medication management, and other daily life skills


Your gift empowers people to lead full, productive lives. The White Cane Fund provides:

- free white canes
- technology training
- legislative advocacy
- financial assistance for low vision evaluations and one-on-one home visits
- information and referral sources
- community education
- useful adaptive products in our Store


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