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Council Vision Rehabilitation Teacher Jean Kalscheur was interviewed on WRCO in Richland Center.  Ron Fruit, WRCO manager and interviewer, was kind enough to share a copy of the interview so that we can share it with you.

The entire interview is approximately 40 minutes long.  We’ve segmented it into four distinct parts in case you’d like shorter listening segments or if you are more interested in the content of specific sections.

Here’s what the interview covers:

Part 1:
What a vision rehabilitation teacher does
Age-related eye conditions (macular degeneration & glaucoma)
The importance of getting a dilated eye exam after age 65
The work of the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired
The Council’s Sharper Vision Store
Adaptive technology for individuals with vision loss
The role of Braille
Grief and other emotions related to vision loss

Listen to Part 1 here.

Part 2:
The challenge of having vision loss and living in a rural community
Description of an in-home assessment by a vision rehabilitation teacher
Ways to be proactive before one’s vision becomes very limited
Low vision support groups
More details about vision rehabilitation
Outcomes of vision rehabilitation
Ways to make one’s home safer
Falls prevention

Listen to Part 2 here.

Part 3:
More about vision rehabilitation
When to call and request a visit by a vision rehabilitation teacher
The creativity of individuals with vision loss
How to create a tactile boundary
Where to turn to learn about treatments for vision loss

Listen to Part 3 here.

Part 4:
The White Cane Law
Types of white canes
Rules of courtesy when you encounter a person who is blind or visually impaired and has a white cane or service dog
Accessible phones and other devices
Apps for people who have vision loss
Ways to protect your vision
How to arrange a visit with a vision rehabilitation teacher
Advantages of having a home visit and assessment

Listen to Part 4 here.

Access full, 40-minute interview.