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There are many different ways to become involved in the community, or even find new and exciting places and events to visit or take part in.

1. Joining a local Lions club can be a very rewarding and fun activity, while helping out others in the process.

Visit the Lions Clubs page for a complete listing of local clubs and contact information around Wisconsin.

2.Every summer the Wisconsin Lions Camp offers 1 week camp sessions for blind or visually impaired adults from ages 18 and older.

Additionally the camp also provides many different camping sessions for different disabilities, including blind and visually impaired youth from ages 6 to 17.

3. Attending a Low Vision Support Group can help cope with a vision loss by knowing that others share this handicap.

Involvement in these groups will help one who is new to vision disabilities cope with vision loss, or changing vision, and will also provide a positive outlook for someone else who recognizes that there are ways to deal with their loss and still live a productive life by getting to know people who have went through it.

4. There are several National Organizations that exist to advocate for the blind, or provide outlets to become involved in local level chapters.

Getting involved in one or more of these organizations is a great way to network with other blind or visually impaired people, and to make new friends.

5. The United Way is a great way to help out in the community.

See the United Way page for locations and contact information for a United Way office throughout Wisconsin.