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In addition to all the other information we provide, we also offer resources where one can obtain other blindness training, or even resources from housing to financial assistance.

1. In our Adaptive Equipment section, there are a lot of good resources to find anything from magnifiers to Brailler equipment.

2. Another great resource is the Aging and Disability Resource Centers. They can help with many different disability related issues.

3. If there is a need for Braille Transcription resources, this section will be very useful to find this service.

4. Needing repair for a Braillewriter? See our BrailleWriter Repair page for  repair shops.

5. If there is a person in need of extra care, visit our CareGiver page for resources and suggestions.

6. On our Deaf/Blind resource page, there are different organizations that assist persons who are deaf/hard of hearing as well as blind.

7. We provide a list of educational related resources that can assist the blind. Please find this information on the education page of our web site.

8. Employment can be a rewarding experience, as well as providing the chance to use acquired skills developed from a college or University.

Visit our Employment page where there is a wide range of employment services, and employment resources available to blind or visually impaired people who want to work.

9. The Wisconsin government has programs and services available to assist blind and visually impaired person in obtaining an ID card, help finding and keeping a job, and other government resources.

See the Government Services page for more resources and additional information.

10. Anyone looking for a fantastic way to increase their mobility and independence, will benefit from a guide dog.

The list of Guide Dog Schools around the country will offer a wide choice of where to go for a highly trained dog, as well as providing a great and loyal friend.

11. The Healthy Vision page contains an article about a sleep disorder that effects some blind people. It also contains contact information to a pharmacy that can help with prescription bottles that talk.

12. There are many outstanding technical schools and colleges around Wisconsin. They all offer assistance to students with disabilities.

See our Higher Education Resource Office page to sign up for services, or if there are questions about how to obtain the appropriate assistance to be successful while attending classes.

13. Finding clean, comfortable, functional, and affordable housing is important.

Our Housing Authority Office page will provide names and phone numbers of the offices around Wisconsin. While this page cannot promise housing, it will, however provide a good resource page for locating and applying for affordable apartments or houses for rent.

14. In addition to our Employment page, we also offer a link to the Job Center offices around Wisconsin.

The Job Center site will allow job searches, resume building, and more.

15. Our Legislative Contacts page provides information, and local Wisconsin office locations for Congressmen, Legislators, and representatives who serve Wisconsin.

The U.S Senate and House pages provide the contact information, staff names, and local Wisconsin offices for Senate and the House of Representatives.

The Wisconsin State Assembly page also provides contact information, Wisconsin districts served, and names of staff for each Assembly person.

The Wisconsin State Senate page also provides contact information, Districts served, and also staff names for each Senator in Wisconsin.

16. Local Wisconsin Lions clubs do a lot of good for local communities, from providing rides to people wishing to travel, and sometimes these clubs can provide financial assistance to purchase adaptive equipment, and, they also can be a fun activity for someone looking to volunteer and be rewarded with the knowledge that they are helping out someone who may be in need.

See the Lions Clubs page for a list of Wisconsin clubs compiled by city name.

17. A low vision support group can be a very good resource to cope with a vision loss, or to be able to help others by supporting them through life changes.

18. There are a great number of National Organizations for the blind.

These organizations provide a wide range of possibilities to become involved in either a national or local statewide chapter.

19. The Office for the Blind & Visually Impaired offers many resources to assist with visual challenges.

This page lists local offices by city name.

20. The Social Security Administration has local offices located around Wisconsin.

See the Social Security Office page for hours of operation and other contact information.

21. There are many resources for educational, personal, religious, and many others on the Talking and Braille Books page, as well as contact information.

22. The United Way page, is useful for community information and resources.

23. Our Used Items for sale page offers adaptive equipment at reduced prices. These items are used, but not used up.

24. If there are blinded veterans of war, they can obtain assistance at the Veterans Services Office page, these offices are listed by city name.

25. Blind and visually impaired people throughout Wisconsin can receive services from the Wisconsin Independent Living Centers in their local area.

Visit the Wisconsin Independent Living Center page for information and contact information for each office in Wisconsin.

26. A lot of people have different types of vision, and their needs are all different.

Being visually impaired is not a cut and dry term, there are a lot of differing eye conditions that result in total blindness, or low vision.

Please see the Eye Conditions page for more information about a wide range of eye conditions, syndromes, and diseases.