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WCB White CaneMarion Hintz and her husband live in Milwaukee. Both have had their share of health concerns. After receiving a white cane from us, she wrote this letter of thanks:

My heartfelt thanks for my new support cane.  Recently, I experienced a stroke in my left eye.  Shortly after that, I had an implant to relieve pressure in what was my former “good” eye.  I now have no vision in that eye, and my right eye has severe macular degeneration. 

In the midst of that, my husband required heart surgery.  During one of our doctor visits, a friend and I struck up a conversation with a gentleman who had one of your canes.  Since I also use a cane for spinal stenosis, he suggested that we contact you.  Lo and behold, a week later, a white cane appeared in the mail!  I have been using it—it’s so wonderful and nice and sturdy.  What a great way to warn people that I “am coming.” 

I’m still adjusting to all of these health issues, and your kindness has been like a beacon of hope and help. 

I truly appreciate what your organization and all involved are doing.