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The Board of Directors consists of the following members:

Chair: Chris Richmond

1st Vice-President: Annika Konrad

2nd Vice-President: Steve Johnson

Secretary: Rhonda Staats

Treasurer: Kathleen Brockman

Additional Board Members:

Nurudeen (Deen) Amusa

Rebecca Arrowood

John Foulks

Karen Heesen

Sharon Knauf

Nick Sinram

Dan Sippl

Patty Slaby

Kelsey Tiradani

Patty Zaller


Much of the business of the Council is conducted by committees. The Council is organized into the following committees:

Executive Committee

Manages the affairs of the Board of Directors between board meetings.

Members: Chris Richmond (chair), Annika Konrad (first ice-resident), Steve Johnson (second vice-president), Rhonda Staats (secretary), Kathy Brockman (treasurer), and Denise Jess (CEO/Executive Director)

Awards Committee

Recognizes the achievements of individuals who are blind or visually impaired and organizations, businesses and individuals who assist or make special accommodations available to those who are blind or visually impaired.

Members: Sharon Knauf (co-chair), Kelsey Tiradani (co-chair), Deen Amusa, Kathy Brockman, Patty Slaby, Chelsea Dallin (community member), Rosemary Goodrich (community member), and Denise Jess (CEO/Executive Director)

Finance Committee

Recommends policies that maintain and improve the financial health and integrity of the organization.

Members: Kathy Brockman (chair), John Foulks, Chris Richmond, Nick Sinram, Dan Sippl, Chris Doering (community member), Arnold Tucker (community member), Denise Jess (CEO/Executive Director), and Sue Cowan (Accounting Manager)

Fund Development Committee

Creates policies in conjunction with the strategic priorities approved by the board to ensure adequate and diversified philanthropic sources to support the organization.

Members: Rhonda Staats (chair), Deen Amusa, Kathy Brockman, Karen Heesen, Chris Richmond, Denise Jess (CEO/Executive Director) and Lori Werbeckes (Fund Develoment Director)

Legislative Committee

Initiates and oversees the governmental advocacy and educational outreach focus and direction of the Council.

Members: Rhonda Staats (chair), Deen Amusa, John Foulks, Karen Heesen, Steve Johnson, Chris Richmond, Dan Sippl, Patty Zallar, Loretta Himmelsbach (community member), Richard Johnson (community member), Bruce Parkinson (community member), Boni Westover (community member), Michael Blumenfeld (legislative liaison, contracted) and Denise Jess (CEO/Executive Director)

Nominating Committee

Establishes consistent policies and procedures for board members including recruitment, selection, orientation, and termination of board members.

Members: Annika Konrad (chair), Rebecca Arrowood, Karen Heesen,  Sharon Knauf, Chris Richmond, Chris Zenchenko (community member), and Denise Jess (CEO/Executive Director)

Personnel Committee

Recommends employed personnel policies, ensures salary ranges and benefits for staff are competitive, and oversees the performance review of the Executive Director.

Members: Chris Richmond, Steve Johnson, Rhonda Staats, and Denise Jess (CEO/Executive Director)

Scholarship Committee

Supports the educational advancement of people with visual impairments through annual scholarship awards.

Members: Karen Heesen (co-chair), Kelsey Tiradani (co-chair), Rebecca Arrowood, Sharon Knauf, Patty Slaby, Chelsea Dallin (community member), Loretta Himmelsbach (community member), Richard Johnson (community member), Bruce Parkinson (community member) Denise Jess (CEO/Executive Director), and Ray Cubberly (Database Manager)