Support People Experiencing Vision Loss by Giving to the Council this Season

Photo of two men sitting side-by-side at a table, the one on the right using a video magnifier to read a newspaper.

For many people in Wisconsin, vision loss is a life changing experience. Helping those individuals adapt to these changes and maintain their quality of life through education, vision services and accessibility tools is a big part of the Council’s mission.

By contributing to the Council, you make it possible for us to provide in-home vision rehabilitation services to clients like Howie Blanchar of Lodi and guide them toward resources that can help them remain independent. After a friend told Howie about the Council, he made an appointment for a visit with a Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist from the Council. As a result, he has found tools that enable him to resume activities he enjoys, like reading the newspaper and watching basketball games.

“I want others to know that if you’re having trouble seeing, call the Council. I’m so glad my friend told me about it,” Howie says. “I asked how much this visit was going to cost, and I couldn’t believe it when there was no charge! My wife and I made a donation right then.”

Throughout 2022, the Council will be celebrating its 70th anniversary. During that time, we have worked with thousands of people who came to us for support and expertise. With your help, we will be able to continue providing effective vision services, up-to-date education and impactful advocacy for decades more.

Thank you for considering making a difference in people’s lives with a gift to the Council. Learn more and explore giving options on our website.

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