Excellence Award Recognizes WisDOT Secretary Craig Thompson’s Commitment to Transportation Equity

Head shot of Wisconsin Transportation Secretary Craig Thompson

We’re a couple of months into 2022, but we’re not finished highlighting the contributions of our 2021 Excellence Award recipients. The Council’s Excellence Award for public policy recognizes a legislator or member of a state agency who champions our legislative priorities in transportation, employment, education, healthcare/long term care and civil rights. In 2021, we honored Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary Craig Thompson for his commitment to transportation equity.

In 2020, Sec. Thompson was instrumental in forming the Wisconsin Non-Driver Advisory Committee (WiNDAC), a forum for discussing and advancing policy recommendations related to mobility, safety and access for Wisconsin’s non-driving populations, including people with vision impairment, aging adults, students, low-income individuals, those with physical or cognitive disabilities, and people who simply prefer not to drive.​

“Secretary Thompson really understands the needs of non-drivers,” said WCBVI Executive Director Denise Jess, a WiNDAC co-chair. “WiNDAC serves such a critical purpose. For too long, the conversations about non-drivers and transportation have occurred in silos – not intentionally, but just because of how complex transportation is.”

“I’m honored for the recognition, and I especially appreciate the work of the committee,” said Sec. Thompson. “A key insight that’s come out of WiNDAC is that when we improve mobility options for non-drivers, we’re really improving the quality of life for everyone in the community.”

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