A New Way to Support the Council: ‘Round Up’ Your Sharper Vision Store Purchase

The words Round it up at the register with a coin as the letter o.

This month, the Sharper Vision Store added a new way to make it easy for customers to add a gift to the Council to their purchase. It’s called “rounding up,” and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Suppose your total purchases add up to $19.27. The person ringing you up will ask if you would like to round up to the next whole dollar amount, in this case $20.00. If you say yes, then you have just helped the Council with a gift of 73 cents! That may not sound like much, but when a lot of customers choose to round up, it can add up to a significant amount of support for the Council’s work empowering people living with vision loss to live independently and with dignity.

Rounding up has become a popular way for retail stores to encourage customers to support a favorite nonprofit, so you may have seen this concept before at another store you patronize. Many Sharper Vision shoppers already give to the Council when they make a purchase. Rounding up is a way to both remind customers that we welcome gifts of any size and give them an easy, convenient way to do it.

“These additional amounts of small change add up over time,” says Store Customer Care Specialist Greg Schmidt. “We hope the rounding up option makes more people aware that taken together, even small gifts can make an enormous difference.”

To try out the rounding up option for yourself, visit the Sharper Vision Store at 754 Williamson St. in Madison. The “round up” option is not yet available for online purchases, but you can always add a donation manually when shopping on the Sharper Vision Store website.

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