Sharper Vision Store Website Gets a Makeover

Screenshot of the new Sharper Vision Store website

The Sharper Vision Store website now has a sharper look. While the site has always prioritized accessibility, the Sharper Vision Store team decided it was time to update and reorganize the site to make shopping even easier.

“The online store is now more welcoming, with featured products on the homepage to help customers find popular choices,” says Mitch Brey, Operations Manager at the Council. “The website now has individual pages for each product, making it easier to share and link to each product.”

The new design should also save shoppers time. We’ve moved the category links to the left-hand side of the screen, and that navigational menu is available on more pages. This will help customers browse categories more quickly and navigate more efficiently from one product to another.

Greg Schmidt, the store’s Customer Care Specialist, agrees. He says while accessibility was a top priority with the old site, a redesign was overdue. “The old website, while still very functional, was extremely outdated in comparison with other websites featuring items from storefronts similar to ours,” Greg says. “The older look created navigational issues for some of our clients, leading to a slower experience to reach some of our products.”

Check out the newly upgraded Sharper Vision Store website.

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