Change Lives and Support the Council’s Mission With Your Year-End Gift

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For seven decades, the financial support of donors from around the state—and the country—have made the Council’s work possible. The end of the calendar year is a popular time to provide that support, and we invite you to include the Council on your year-end giving list. Maybe you know someone who has benefitted from the Council’s services and programs. A gift honoring that someone is a great way to show your appreciation for the Council and to remember that friend or family member. It’s an easy process, which you can start online at

The Council’s many supporters include clients and customers, like Ellen Connor. Ellen, a pediatric endocrinologist who lives in Oregon, Wisconsin, says the Council has helped her stay productive on the job despite her vision loss. Ellen says the guidance and resources offered by the Council have been crucial to continuing her career.”

“My visits to the Council opened a new world for work, home and even hobbies I had enjoyed before vision loss,” Ellen shares. “Certified Low Vision Therapist Amy Wurf introduced me to magnification and lighting adaptations I didn’t know existed. Reading daily correspondence and mailings was possible again!”

Ellen eventually learned about the full suite of services the Council offers, including strengthening her tech skills, another big gain for her on the job. “A meeting with Access Technology Specialist Jim Denham introduced me to the accessibility features of laptops, tablets and iPhones,” Ellen says. “That enabled me to write manuscripts again.”

For Ellen, like so many others, even reading the Council’s e-newsletters opened doors to new possibilities and options for networking. “I learned the many facets of the Council’s work. From vision services to advocacy and educational events, the Council is a go-to resource for anyone in Wisconsin who is living with vision loss.” That applies for their family and friends as well. You can sign up to receive Council e-newsletters at

“Because of the Council, my misperceptions about my ongoing visual loss have been corrected,” Ellen says. “I have met outstanding people who have broadened my world, and I have discovered new adaptations for work and play. Gratitude is an inadequate word for my experiences with the Council! I hope this season of thanks moves you to explore the opportunities the Council offers and to support their efforts with your financial gift.”

“You can listen to Ellen’s complete letter of support or view a PDF of the letter on our website.”

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