Show Your Gratitude on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday featuring the words Giving Tuesday in white letters on a blue background with a red heart serving as the V in Giving.

The spirit of Thanksgiving doesn’t end after the last turkey sandwich of the weekend. Sure, there’s the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. But there is also an opportunity to express gratitude for the organizations whose work you appreciate, including the Council. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is known around the world as Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday falls on November 28 this year.

Created in 2012, Giving Tuesday’s mission is simple: Encourage people to do good. Over the last decade, it’s grown into a global movement inspiring millions of people to give, collaborate and celebrate generosity.

By making a gift to the Council on Giving Tuesday, you’ll join donors like Matt Reetz in ensuring that people can benefit from the life-changing services, products and advocacy the Council provides.

“One of the things that makes Wisconsin so special is the generosity of people who know that in order to make our community better, you should donate to organizations that speak to you,” Matt says.

A gift to the Council supports, among other things, the Vision Services we provide to clients with vision loss. Vision rehabilitation therapy empowers people to perform daily living tasks independently—for example, food preparation, medication management and labeling strategies. Orientation & mobility training gives people the skills to commute to and from work, run errands and navigate indoor environments safely and confidently. Low vision evaluations help people understand and make the best use of their remaining vision using lighting, magnification and contrast. And access technology instruction builds the skills to navigate computer, tablet and smart phone applications that are invaluable for both work and personal use.

You can make a Giving Tuesday gift to the Council to help support these services by giving online or by contacting Fund Development Director Lori Werbeckes at or 608-237-8114.

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