Taking Stock of Our 2023 Donor Support

Five sets of hands holding a cardboard sign with the words Thank You written on it

Gifts to the Council are the fuel our organization runs on. They make everything we do possible, from vision services to education to advocacy. As we ease into 2024, it’s a good time to take stock of some of the donor support we were fortunate to receive in 2023. We are grateful for every dollar of it!

New donors are always an exciting addition to the Council family, and last year 172 people gave to the Council for the first time. Donors live all over Wisconsin—in 56 counties, in fact. But our support doesn’t stop at the state lines. People in 21 states also supported our work with financial gifts.

Monthly giving is a powerful way to support the Council because it ensures a steady flow of resources. This year, 40 individuals contributed monthly through credit cards, bank transfers or by mailing in checks for a total of nearly $1,500 per month!

Fund Development Director Lori Werbeckes says these gifts help in every aspect of the Council’s mission. “Knowing that we’ll receive a significant amount in contributions every month helps us budget effectively,” she says. “As a monthly donor myself, I know that I’m able to give a little more than I could if I wrote just one check each year. Most importantly, I see how support from our donors can change the future of someone living with vision loss.”

Thank you to everyone who supported the Council in 2023!

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