2023 Student Spotlight: Luke Robel

Luke Robel wearing glasses outdoors smiling for the camera

“I believe I’ve always been an overachiever.” So begins the essay Luke Robel wrote for his 2023 Council Scholarship application. And talking with the Colgate, Wisconsin native, you get a glimpse into the truth of that statement. Luke put his scholarship to good use. Last October he graduated from Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) with a degree in Information Technology (IT) combined with certification as a computer support specialist. “I’ve always been interested in computers,” Luke says. And now, having studied them in school, Luke is currently on the job market searching for IT work.

Luke says the hardest part of his college experience was staying on top of the heavy class workload. “I took three classes a week,” he says. “That’s three classes worth of homework every week. That was challenging.”

Challenging indeed when you fold in Luke’s devotion to Tae Kwon Do, an activity he started back in 2012. At school, Luke also worked as a library aide. And he was the Director of the WCTC chapter of Best Buddies, an organization that helps students with intellectual or physical disabilities find housing near campus—and follows up with support to help students build independent living skills, relationship success, and educational achievement at college.

When asked what he believes his biggest accomplishment was at WCTC, Luke doesn’t hesitate. “Getting that diploma,” he says. According to WCTC Associate Dean Dr. Cyndi Kaye Lambach, Luke’s work ethic in college predicts good things to come for the young computer specialist.

“Luke is a pleasure to work with and demonstrates professional interpersonal skills when dealing directly with me, other faculty and administration, and fellow students,” she said in her letter of recommendation. “I look forward to seeing where he obtains gainful employment, as he would be an excellent asset for any organization.”

Wherever Luke lands in the workforce, he says he’ll always be grateful for the boost the Council Scholarship provided, and he encourages other students to apply. “If you get selected it is so worth it,” he says. “I had a very pleasant experience working with the Council.”

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