Coming May 16: Advocacy Day—A Perfect Blend of Information and Motivation

The Wisconsin Capital dome and the words Advocacy Day, May 16, 2024

Public policy advocacy has been a cornerstone of the Council’s mission since its founding in 1952. For the Council, advocacy is a year-round endeavor. But you don’t have to be a professional advocate to be an effective voice for change! There are ordinary folks all over the state–and in your community–doing it successfully. For example, last fall a Rhinelander resident with low vision shared Council materials with local officials, leading to recognition of White Cane Safety Day in his community and further discussions about safe crosswalks.

This Spring, the Council would like to help you prepare to be an effective voice for change on the issues that matter to you.

“Our hope is to inspire you to take the next step to do your own advocacy, whether you’re new to this work or have been doing it for a long while,” says Executive Director Denise Jess.

On Thursday May 16, the Council will present a panel discussion featuring three people from around the state. Each panelist is a person with vision loss who has a story to tell about their own successful advocacy. “These are folks who have been doing good work in their own way,” Denise says. The discussion will provide both the information and the motivation to help you move forward in your advocacy.

The panel discussion will also spark the creation of a new online discussion group focusing on advocacy.

Stay tuned for Advocacy Day registration information coming soon!

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