Welcome to the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired

The Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired, located in Madison, WI, is a private not-for-profit community-based organization.

Our Mission is to promote the dignity and independence of the people in Wisconsin who are blind and visually impaired by providing services, advocating legislation and educating the general public.

Online Auction a Success!

The Council’s online auction raised over $4,000! Heartfelt thanks to the businesses and individuals who donated over 100 items and the supporters who generously bid on those items. The friendly competition among bidders helped us exceed our goal. We will use the proceeds to buy a Refreshable Braille Display which will save time and money when communicating with Braille users throughout Wisconsin.

Holiday shopping made easier!

If someone on your shopping list has been coping with challenges due to changing vision, the Sharper Vision Store can help!  The store features hundreds of items that make everyday living easier and safer. Check out the online store, http://shop.wcblind.org, to find products for recreation, cooking, staying healthy,watches, clocks, thermometers, large-print items, games, crafts and much more.  You can also call our store toll free at 800-783-5213.

Joe keeps Braille Writers working well

How old is this Braille Writer?  Does it need new springs, keys or parts? Has it been used much, or has it been in storage somewhere like an attic?

These are some of the questions Joe Hodgson asks each time a Braille Writer is entrusted to his care for repair. 

Read Joe’s volunteer story

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