New AI Feature in JAWS and Fusion is Worth a Thousand Words

Young woman with headphones on a computer and the words JAWS Picture Smart AI

Screen reader users will be interested in learning about this exciting innovation. The new Picture Smart with AI allows users of JAWS and Fusion to hear detailed descriptions of not only photos but also graphs in spreadsheets and even online meetings.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, now you can have JAWS or Fusion read almost that many words to describe an image on your computer” notes the Access Technology Specialist Jim Denham of the Council.

For those who have yet to work with JAWS or Fusion tools, a subscription is required much like one is needed to use something like Microsoft Office. That generally runs about $95 per year. New subscribers will automatically receive the Picture Smart AI feature with the package. If you’re already a JAWS or Fusion subscriber, the Picture Smart AI software is a brand-new release for March 2024. Because of this, you’ll need to download the new version, for which there is no additional cost.

Download the March 2024 version of JAWS here.

Download the March 2024 version of Fusion here.

Here are the steps to take once you’ve downloaded the March version of JAWS or Fusion:

In the “Options” menu, select the Early Adopter dialog box.

Enable Picture Smart AI, then restart JAWS or Fusion. This step is only required once. Then you’re set.

To use the Picture Smart AI:

Press Insert with Space, followed by P, followed by one of these options:

  • “F” for a photo which is currently highlighted in the File Explorer.
  •  “S” for the entire computer screen.
  • “W” for the current window.
  • “C” for the current control. This option can be useful when you’re browsing the web and want a description of the current image under the virtual cursor

The Council is here to help you if you have any questions while getting started with Picture Smart AI for JAWS and Fusion. You can reach Jim at 608 237-8104 or

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