Sharper Vision Store is Here for Your Last-Minute Holiday Gift Shopping Needs

Three large-print playing cards standing up in a clear plastic card holder

Ready or not, here come the holidays! Still have gifts to buy? The Council’s Sharper Vision Store is your one-stop shop for adaptive products and other useful items that make great holiday gifts. We have many items that will delight your loved ones without costing a fortune. For example, games, including the ones suggested below, make great gifts, especially if you plan to gather with family or friends in the coming weeks. You can check them out, along with hundreds of other items, in person during business hours at our Madison location or view them online at You can also order by phone at 800-783-5213.

Braille Uno Card Game $20.00
These Braille UNO cards make the game accessible for all players while keeping the classic look. No matter your age or vision ability, UNO is now playable by anyone.
Item RT101

Braille Playing Cards $8.50
These standard size playing cards feature both regular print and Braille. These cards enable both sighted people and individuals with vision loss to enjoy card games together.
Item RT401

Playing Card Holder $8.00
Don’t worry about holding your cards with this clear plastic playing card holder. The 1/2-inch-wide slot opening narrows down to 1/8-inch for easy entry and good holding area. It is 2 x 1-3/8 inches and 10 inches wide for standard size playing cards.
Item RM100

Tactile Chess Set $33.00
This wooden chess set is completely tactile, including pegs on each plastic playing piece and holes in the chess board. Each plastic piece is shaped differently; white pieces have a bump on top, and the dark squares on the board are raised. The board measures 14 x 9 inches.
Item RT268

Dominoes with Raised Dots $16.50
These large dominoes have a high-contrast black on white design, and the dots are raised for tactile identification. The one-piece plastic box has a built-in spinner to help you mix the tiles. Each of the 28 dominoes measures 1 x 2 inches.
Item RT166

Magnetic Checkers Game $28.00
This magnetic checkers set features pieces marked with either a square or round topper, so you can easily identify your pieces. The magnetic pieces do not slide when touched, making the game portable and easy for all to play.
Item RT275

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