Category: Advocacy Update

Advocating for Equal Access to the COVID-19 Vaccine

The number of fully vaccinated residents across Wisconsin is now 30 percent. Yet, substantial COVID-19 vaccine accessibility hurdles remain for people who are blind or visually impaired. Registration accessibility remains a big issue. Also, non-drivers are facing problems securing transportation to vaccine appointments. Through its transportation, accessibility and health care advocacy… Continue Reading Advocating for Equal Access to the COVID-19 Vaccine

Advocating for Action in the State Budget

Getting where you need to go reliably on schedule is key to having a job, accessing healthcare and getting to a store for necessities. Reliable transportation can also link you to family and friends. Legislators may not know that nondrivers face many barriers to accessing transportation. About 65 percent of people who are blind or visually impaired are unemployed, and a comprehensive public transportation system is a critical to the ability to start and keep a job. Continue Reading Advocating for Action in the State Budget

Voting for Everyone

Voters who are blind and visually impaired in Wisconsin face many challenges when casting a ballot. These voters encounter hoops others do not have to navigate including getting a ballot in a user-friendly format and finding a way to fill it out and return it… Continue Reading Voting for Everyone

Knowing Where to Advocate

Say you need to navigate an unsafe intersection regularly that would be vastly improved with an accessible pedestrian signal. How would you go about advocating for the upgrade? Who could you contact? While you might think that reaching out to your legislator is the best… Continue Reading Knowing Where to Advocate

Overcoming Barriers to Voting

Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired staff serve on statewide coalitions that empower people with disabilities to have accessible voting and transportation options. One of these coalitions is the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition (WDVC). Among other activities, the WDVC shares real voter experiences… Continue Reading Overcoming Barriers to Voting