Same Link, New Look: Check out the Council’s New Website

The Council’s new website features information about programs, services and the latest news and events.

The Council’s website,, is now more accessible for screenreaders and people with low vision. Amanda, a web developer in the Madison area, created the new site. She enjoys giving back to her community, especially by designing for nonprofits. She is now thinking more about the need for accessibility on other websites because of her work with the Council.

“In the web design community, there is a lot of talk about putting accessibility into practice, but not a lot of matching action,” says Amanda. “This is because people feel the need to make flashy websites. It takes a balancing act to create a website that is both accessible and visually pleasing. Web accessibility makes for better web design overall, because the sites will be more useable for everyone.”

John Urban took many of the photos for the Council’s new website. He founded Big Dreamers United with Lea Culver. Big Dreamers United is a nonprofit formed to provide writing, graphic design, photography and videography services to other nonprofits. (Lea is a member of the Culver family, but Big Dreamers United is in no way affiliated with Culvers Frozen Custard restaurants).

Nonprofits apply for the opportunity to work with Big Dreamers United, and if chosen, receive one service at no charge. Some of the other nonprofits John has worked with are Heartland Farm Sanctuary in Verona, Wisconsin, Safe Harbor and Girls Rock! Camp in Madison, Wisconsin, and Joy Bus in Phoenix, Arizona. The Council submitted an application in August 2018 for website and brochure photos, and was selected. John enjoyed working with the Council, because he found it fascinating to learn about the adaptive products at the Sharper Vision Store that can help people achieve their daily goals.

“I am a curious person,” says John. “Working with the Council gave me a window into the challenges people who are blind or visually impaired face, and I learned about a lot of ways to overcome them through products at your store. I found it great to be able to take functional photos that will bring more exposure to the important and necessary work the Council does.”

The Council’s new website is both more accessible to visitors, and will work better on the back end for Council employees, as well.

“I appreciate the capabilities of the new site,” says Mitch Brey, the Council’s Planning Coordinator. “It both functions well and is visually appealing.”

Check out the new website by visiting

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