Provide the Gift of Empowerment When You Give to the White Cane Fund

A woman walking toward the camera with a white cane in hand.

What do the words public transportation, accessible pedestrian signals, and the White Cane Law mean to you? To people with vision loss, those terms mean the world. Without them, getting and holding a job is only a dream. A trip to the doctor requires a costly cab fare. The crosswalk becomes a danger zone.

The Council works tirelessly to advocate alongside people with vision loss in the areas of transportation, accessibility, and relearning daily life skills. Much of our work is helping people along their journey as they adapt to their vision loss.

Many of these services and educational programs are offered at no cost to our clients, thanks to the generous donations we receive from people like you.

You can help these services continue by making a gift to the Council’s White Cane Fund. Friends, neighbors and family members with vision loss will be empowered by the resources and support the Council can provide with the help of your donation.

Your contribution to the White Cane Fund will put white canes into the hands of people who rely on them for safety and independence. Please give generously.

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