Five Fun Products for your Holiday Wish List

Shop the Council’s Sharper Vision Store for these and more gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. Some of them might be great additions to your own wish list, too.

  1. 5X Mattingly Pocket Magnifier

The 3.5X (10D) hand-held illuminated magnifier comes with a classic cool white frame and a 5 millimeter “brilliant” multi-chip LED bulb. It features a 75 x 50 millimeter aspheric lens.

Item Number: MLO303

Price: $62.00

  1. Talking Watch

This talking one-button watch is among the easiest watches to use. Users have a choice between a male or female voice. The watch offers alarm and chime functions. The white dial provides high contrast and the gold or silver tone expansion band guarantees you can wear this watch comfortably.

Item Number: TT415 (Large gold), TT412 (Small gold), TT410 (Small silver)

Price: $43.50

  1. Large Print Crosswords

We offer volumes one through eight of this spiral bound book. This popular item features 125 large print puzzles with generously sized grids. Each puzzle spans over two pages for ample room.

Item Number: BL440

Price: $15.00

  1. Superior Talking Scale

The Superior Talking Scale is accurate to within 1% of actual weight and weighs up to 440 pounds. The platform measures 14-1/2 x 11 inches and is textured to prevent you from slipping. It speaks in a female voice and operates on 4 AA batteries which are included.

Item Number: HM400

Price: $70.00

  1. Measuring Cups (Black or White)

This set of four white or black measuring cups has high contrast measurement markings for easy identification. Raised markings on the handle are color coded to help identify the volume. Standard measuring cups sizes in quarter, third, half and one cup.

Item Number: HK432 (Black with white writing), HK433 (White with black writing)

Price: $7.50

These and other great gift ideas can be found at the Council’s Sharper Vision Store online at or call 608-255-1166 to order. You can also visit the store weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to shop in-person.

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