Consider Giving to the Council Monthly, Join the White Cane Circle

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People give to the Council for many reasons. Some believe that providing services for people who are blind or visually impaired is important  whether or not they are affected by vision loss. Others have family members or friends who have received Council services and they have seen the impact. Still others, like the Council’s newest regular donor, Martha Abrams, got assistance from the Council themselves.

Martha has advanced  glaucoma. She was looking for devices that could help her see better. Her husband suggested they stop by the Council’s Sharper Vision Store.

“I ended up getting a magnifier which I use in restaurants to read the menu,” Martha says. “I have been back to the Council several times since that first visit. I have learned a lot about the options available to me. I now know about in-home vision rehabilitation visits. I also took the Birding by Ear class this past spring and it was neat being part of a mixed group with both people who are visually impaired and those who are sighted. I also enjoy learning about the different apps and tools available through Council newsletters.”

Martha decided to give back and is now a monthly Council donor.

“The Council has helped me continue learning so that I will be more prepared when I lose the rest of my sight,” Martha says. “I know I can go to the Council as a resource. That is why I have decided to give.”

The Council appreciates monthly gifts because they are vital, ongoing support. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, monthly gifts continued, even in the midst of the unknowns facing everyone.

Ways your monthly gift could be used to make a difference in the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired in just one year  include:

  • $6/month buys a white cane for two people.
  • $10/month pays for two hours of assistive technology training.
  • $20/month provides three low vision evaluations.

The White Cane Circle recognizes  those who give to the Council on a regular basis. Thanks to Martha, the White Cane Circle now has 27 members. We invite you to join Martha in becoming a member of the White Cane Circle.  A monthly gift can be any size, so you can give an amount that works for you.

“I feel very humbled that there are people willing to help those of us who are losing our sight,” Martha says. “It is such a gift to know that I will not be alone. It makes me feel really good to support the Council’s work.”

Monthly giving is convenient and secure. Gifts can be made using a credit card, a debit card or through ACH bank transfer. The Council also accepts checks. For more information, contact Lori at or call (608) 237-8114. Thank you for helping to empower people with vision loss to live their lives fully!

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