Giving to the Council at Work

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Workplace giving is a convenient and safe way to donate to vetted local organizations doing good work in Dane County and beyond. More than 100 local businesses partner with Community Shares of Wisconsin for workplace giving. These businesses encourage their employees to donate any amount through the convenience of payroll deduction. Each employee can individually choose which non-profit will benefit from their financial gift.

Bradley Tabor of Heartland Credit Union chose to have the Council receive his gift through workplace giving. “I was drawn to the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired for a number of reasons. I’d driven by the Council’s building so many times over the years and never really knew what it was,” said Bradley. After Council CEO/Executive Director, Denise Jess, shared with employees of Heartland Credit Union all the services offered by the Council, Bradley said, “hearing Denise speak, someone who is a member of my community, to tell me about the impact that the Council has on the residents of our area, made me want to get involved, even if it’s only from a donation standpoint. There are so many great causes out there and it’s so hard to decide what non-profits are deserving of our support when so many perform vital functions. Having a personal connection really does help to humanize an organization and show you firsthand the good that they do.”

We are so grateful to Heartland Credit Union for encouraging their employees to participate in workplace giving. A list of current workplace sites can be found by visiting Community Shares Workplace Giving page. Anyone employed by these companies can participate.

Workplace giving empowers employees and the companies for which they work to come together to support local causes. The Council is a proud member of Community Shares of Wisconsin and Council staff actively participate in the workplace giving program.

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