Billboard Campaign Gave Council and its Services Visibility

Billboard with a graphic of a microwave and the words Visual Tip: Bump dots can help find buttons! With the Adams Collaborate and Council logos and
What are bump dots and why are they an important tool for people who are blind and visually impaired? More people know now, thanks to a billboard campaign that ran throughout 2020 thanks to Adams Outdoor Advertising. The program Adams Collaborate, which provides a few select nonprofits with $250,000 in free billboard advertising for a year. Billboards were located in prime locations in the Greater Madison area including the beltline highway, Stoughton Road, county highways including County Road K, and U.S. 151 (East Washington Avenue).

Six different designs throughout the year raised awareness for our services and mission. They advertised the Council’s vision services and useful, low-cost products from the Sharper Vision Store. The goal was to help people create high-contrast and tactile environments in their homes and workplace with low-cost “life hacks.”

“Thanks to Adams, we have been able to educate more people that it’s possible to thrive with vision loss, says Denise Jess, Council CEO/Executive Director. “We hope more family members and friends have learned about our services knowing they are there when a loved one with vision loss is ready for the next step in their journey.”

Adams launched Adams Collaborate in 2016. Since then, the program has provided more than 30 local nonprofits with $250,000 worth of free billboard advertising in the Madison, Kenosha and Racine areas.

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