The Magic of Monthly Giving

The January, February and March pages of a monthly calendar.

One of the most effective ways to support the Council is through monthly giving. We call our monthly donors the White Cane Circle, and we invite you to become a member of that esteemed group.

Monthly giving offers benefits to both you and the organization. It allows you to spread your contribution over the entire year, and the installments can be set up to be paid automatically for your convenience.

For the Council, monthly gifts provide a steady, predictable stream of funding that we can count on from month to month, allowing us to plan ahead with confidence. It’s win-win!

For Betty, it was personal experience with macular degeneration that inspired her to join the White Cane Circle. When vision began to interfere with her ability to do needlecraft and embroidery, Council staff was able to help her find ways to continue the hobby.

Monthly donors can choose not only the amount of the donation but also the method—bank account, credit card, PayPal or by writing a check. Betty arranged her monthly gift to the Council through an automatic withdrawal from her checking account.

Even small monthly gifts can add up to make a significant difference for someone with vision loss. Over the course of a year:

  • $6 per month buys white canes for two people
  • $10 per month pays for two hours of access technology training
  • $20 per month pays for three low vision evaluations

We hope that next time you are planning your charitable giving for the year, you will consider joining the White Cane Circle. For more information on how to set it up, contact Fund Development Director Lori Werbeckes at 608-237-8114 or

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