Student Spotlight 2021: George Tuttle

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Like many students, George Tuttle of Drummond, Wisconsin is having a very different experience at college compared to last year now that in-person classes have returned. For much of his freshman year, everything was remote. Now the Carroll University sophomore is finding it easier to communicate his needs to his professors, and if he ever has to ask for assistance there is always a classmate nearby.

A 2021 Council Scholarship recipient, George is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Healthcare Administration with a minor in Spanish, with plans to become a doctor. We recently caught up with George to ask how this year is going.

Council: Were you able to get the support you needed when classes were online?

George: Carroll has an incredible staff of professors that were very willing to help me get the material in a format that was easy for me to use or teach in a way that was conducive to my learning. Carroll also has an amazing accommodations office. The folks there helped me whenever and in any way that I needed, even though they were also working remotely part of the time.

Council: Have you found a student support group this year?

George: I have found a few support groups. I am a member of the Carroll Catholics club on campus, where I’ve met an exceptional group of students who are always there for me when I need help and always there to support me when I am struggling. I always try to do the same for them. Another place where I have a great support group is at my on-campus job at the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I work with both adults and students working to make the Carroll campus a more diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment.

Council: What classes are you taking this year?

George: This fall semester I took first semester anatomy, second semester physics, a healthcare policy class, Computational Thinking 112, and a Portuguese class at UW- Milwaukee. This spring semester I am taking second semester anatomy, third semester Spanish, a healthcare management class, and second semester Computational Thinking. I am also taking a class about Bali, Indonesia. Carroll has a strong focus on learning about cultures around the world. Every student must complete a “Cross Cultural Experience.” The first step of a CCE is to study the place you are going to travel to. The second step is to travel to that place. I was originally going to Bali after completing this course, but due to the COVID pandemic, travel to Bali is not going to happen. I am still very interested in the class. We have a Facebook group with a number of citizens in Bali. Through this group we can ask questions and learn about their culture from the safety of our dorm rooms.

Council: What class is most interesting?

George: My favorite and most interesting course is my Healthcare Management class. This class is all about becoming a manager and a leader in the healthcare field. I’ve learned that being a manager is different in healthcare than it is in other fields. We will study clinics and hospitals around the country to analyze how they are managed. Although the semester has just started, I am beyond excited to see what I will learn in this class.

Council: What did you learn about yourself this past year?

George: I have learned that I am able to thrive and learn in any environment. Although last year was difficult due to the COVID pandemic, I was still able to be a good student, friend and worker. I was able to take advantage of the opportunities put before me. Though some of these opportunities were challenging, I was still able to put my best foot forward and be the best that I can be.

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