Bidding Adieu to our Retiring Colleague Ray Cubberly

Ray Cubberly sitting at a desk waving goodbye

After 15 years at the Council, Database Manager Ray Cubberly is calling it a career at the end of March. We are grateful to Ray for all his excellent work as a member of the fund development team.

Ray came to the Council in 2007, after his position at another nonprofit was eliminated. After initially managing the donor database as a half-time volunteer for six months, he was hired as a full-time staff member.

Ray later added several other duties to his workload: creating thank you letters to donors, producing donor reports, generating mailing lists for Council communications and helping process scholarship applications. Less well-known is that for a short time in 2008, Ray was a driver and helper for one of the Council’s vision services specialists who is blind, meeting with clients in their homes. “It was an interesting and rewarding experience, calling on some of the clients the Council was serving,” Ray says.

Ray could have retired in 2012, but instead chose to stay on with the Council part time.

One thing that has helped keep Ray around has been his relationship with his coworkers. “Working at the Council has been like spending my workdays with one big happy family,” he says. “All of my colleagues here have been both highly competent workers and very friendly people.”

Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Brent Perzentka was already on staff when Ray arrived. “Ray is somebody you could always trust to do whatever task he was assigned, and do it thoroughly,” Brent says. Nearly as important, according to Brent, is Ray’s sense of humor. “And he’s a big Paul Simon fan.”

Ray’s short-term plans include catching up with home projects and traveling in Wisconsin and beyond to see new sights. “I plan to have as much fun as I can in however many good years I have left,” Ray says.

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