Support the Council in a Lasting Way Through Planned Giving

An adult’s hands passing a small plant into a child’s hands.

The Council relies on support that comes in many forms, from small monetary donations to community sponsorships to the talents of our wonderful volunteers. We’d like to invite you to consider giving to the Council in a new, everlasting way: planned giving.

A planned gift is a contribution arranged in the present to be donated at a future date. While not always the case, these gifts are often connected to a will or estate trust. Setting up a planned gift is a simple process. You can find guidance in an audio newsletter called “Planning With a Purpose” on our website.

There are many ways to plan a gift to the Council. As mentioned, gifts laid out in wills and trusts can continue the giving you began in your lifetime. The Council can be named as a beneficiary in an IRA or other retirement account. Doing this erases the income tax burden family members may owe upon inheriting these assets. IRA owners aged 70-and-a-half and older can also make direct gifts to a charity from their accounts. The gift can take the place of required minimum distributions, again saving income taxes.

In addition, a life insurance policy no longer needed for family security can be given, or the Council can be named as the beneficiary.

A long-time donor from Waukesha County who asked to remain anonymous gets very emotional when talking about how and why she chose to create an account for the Council from her estate. She says individual giving over the years has been a comfort to her, a “fabric of her life.” Her aunt experienced vision loss. “I think about her,” the contributor says. She adds that she’s aware that an aging baby boomer population is increasing the need for vision services and programs. “This is why I started giving. It’s why I give now. And it’s why I included the Council in my estate plans.”

To learn more about planned giving, contact Fund Development Director Lori Werbeckes at 608-237-8114 or

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