Support All of the Council’s Services During Our White Cane Appeal

A woman walking toward the camera with a white cane and the words White Cane Fund.

Last year, the Council gave over 500 white canes to people with vision loss across the state. In addition, we served hundreds of clients with vision rehabilitation visits, low vision evaluations, orientation and mobility training and access technology instruction.

The various services the Council provided helped people become or remain employed, get an education, and live independently. But these services come with a cost, one that many of our clients are unable to pay. The poverty rate among older adults with vision loss in Wisconsin is very high, with 30% living on incomes below $20,000 a year. We need your support to continue helping those who could benefit from the unique services the Council offers but are unable to pay the full price.

The Council has held our White Cane Fund Appeal each year since our founding over 70 years ago. Your donation to the White Cane Fund can help someone access the skills and services they need.

Vision services give people the support and confidence they need to live their lives to the fullest. The rehabilitation and training we provide are delivered by passionate, certified professionals dedicated to fostering that confidence. While people with sufficient resources are expected to pay for these services, the Council will not turn someone away simply because they cannot afford to pay.

A low vision evaluation, for example, typically costs $50. A member of our Vision Services team can sit down with a client and figure out exactly what they need to achieve their goals. In just one 90-minute session, they can go home with multiple new skills and strategies to help them stay independent in their homes, no matter their income level.

“We at the Council understand the value of what we’re teaching people,” says Fund Development Director Lori Werbeckes. “It translates almost immediately into tips and techniques for living successfully with low vision.”

Last year, the Council performed 146 low vision evaluations, along with 166 vision rehabilitation visits and 166 orientation and mobility training sessions. These vital services are not covered by insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. Your support helps us ensure that everyone has access to them.

Tim Heckmann has given to the Council regularly since 2020. “I donate primarily in remembrance of my mom,” Tim says. “She was legally blind her entire life and I know firsthand the difference this organization makes. It’s the least I can do to pay it forward so that others whose vision is impaired can also overcome obstacles in life.”

We’re grateful for Tim’s continued support over the years. Please consider joining him in giving to the Council. You can make a gift today on the Donate page of our website.

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