Webinar: Access to Workplace Reading Options

Online Date: August 18, 2020
Online Time: 10:00 a.m.

Online via Zoom

This webinar focuses on the incidental reading required of many workplaces and strategies for managing that reading when the worker is blind or has a vision loss. Examples of incidental reading include accessing a copier, using a microwave, reading a bulletin board notice, and taking notes during a meeting. Technology and strategies are discussed. In addition to apps and head-worn devices, we would like to introduce three newer devices that are more portable and flexible for work settings:

  • The Patriot Voice Plus is a lightweight, fast text-to-speech reader.
  • The Optelec Compact 10 HD with Speech is a portable video magnifier that can also scan and read text.
  • The IPEVO VX-X captures images and streams them to a computer, tablet, monitor, projector or television. It creates a very inexpensive wireless video magnifier.

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Sponsor: IBVI

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