A Mother’s Journey: Finding Products that Help Us Lead Full Lives

A man behind a cash register talks to a woman and her son. The mother is holding a store product.
A mother and her son talk to former Store Manager and current Vision Rehabilitation Specialist Brent Perzentka.

The Madison residents Joyce Russell and her son Jay came to the Council seeking answers to the question: What could I find to help me live a fuller life? Joyce is a person living with changing vision and Jay is often by her side. She is interested in exploring new ways to accomplish everyday tasks more efficiently and with greater ease.

“I wanted to find out what I could do that might be better than what I’m currently doing,” says Joyce. “I was particularly looking for ways to improve when I work with the computer and when I am writing.”

Jay and his mother were delighted to find such items as magnifiers attached to monitors, and lamps to help Joyce read. Both had heard of the Council in the past, and were eager to browse our Sharper Vision Store and found solutions to challenges Joyce says she now feels she can overcome.

“The Council offers a lot of solutions to challenges we hadn’t even considered,” Jay says. “I’m happy we stopped here today.”

Joyce has difficulty with bright light, so she was happy to find another unexpected surprise: sunglasses.

“I love the sunglasses here!” Joyce exclaims.

Join the Council for a webinar about adapting to changing light and finding the right sunglass filters. Sign up for the free Wednesday, June 19th webinar at WCBlind.org/events.

Interested in picking out new sunglasses or picking up a product for mom? Stop by the Council’s Sharper Vision Store at 754 Williamson Street in Madison. The Sharper Vision Store offers gift cards, so mom can select the perfect item. Shopping can also be done online at WCBlind.org/store or over the phone at 1-800-783-5213.



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