Make an Impact: Join the Council Board

If you or someone you know is looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of others, learn and grow, and meet new people, consider filling out a Council board application. Current board members cite various benefits from belonging to the board.

“My position on the board has enabled me to reach people who need to hear that they are okay and that life does not have to be lived devoid of fun, empowerment, employment, or any of the other things sighted people take for granted every day,” says Chris Richmond, Council Board Chair. “A diverse board reminds us that it is not our similarities that make us stronger and healthier, but rather our differences. Diversity keeps an organization from becoming stagnant and ensures we are striving to accommodate the needs of everyone to the best of our ability.”

Dedicated to building a diverse board of talented individuals, the Council welcomes applicants from around the state, those new to visual impairment as well as those who have lived with vision loss for many years. The board also has space for up to three individuals who are sighted and committed to the Council’s mission. People of color, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, as well as rural and urban residents of Wisconsin are encouraged to apply. Current board members say the diverse people they have met through the board have enriched their lives, both professionally and personally.

“Connecting with other people who are blind or visually impaired and hearing their experiences has been helpful because everyone is so different,” says board member Rebecca Arrowood. “I learn something new from someone at each board meeting.”

Council board membership provides the knowledge, opportunity and skills needed to advocate in Wisconsin and in your community.

“I have gained awareness about what is happening throughout the state,” says board member Patty Slaby. “Because of this knowledge and support, I am empowered to get involved on a local level in my community.”

Members enjoy unique and impactful experiences for personal and professional development.

“It has been interesting to get involved with finances, fundraising, awards and scholarships,” says board member Nick Sinram. “I am in the early part of my career, so being involved in such important decision-making is not something I would have otherwise been able to do. I feel more professionally prepared for my future. Getting involved with Council events, such as Birding by Ear or visiting the Chazen Art Museum, has been enjoyable. I would not have thought of taking advantage of these opportunities on my own.”

Board terms begin January 1, 2020 and run through December 31, 2022. If you are excited about this opportunity and can make the commitment, complete the application materials at and return them by Friday, September 20. Reach out with any questions to Denise, at (608) 237-8103 or by email at

“I would recommend joining the board if you are wondering how you can make a difference in the lives of others,” says Chris. “Most of us do not have the resources to do great things all by ourselves. By joining together we can extend our outreach far beyond what we thought possible.”

Help us spread the word. If you know of someone who would be a strong candidate for the board, please share the application with them and share within your networks.

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