Start a Family Tradition of Giving Back

Attitudes, beliefs and values are often formed in families. Philanthropic values are important as they instill a sense of helping others and expand your compassion beyond the needs of your immediate family. Many families choose to create a passion for giving by making charitable donations a part of their traditions.

A multi-generational family on a porch.

At family gatherings, such as birthdays, anniversary celebrations or reunions, giving back can be part of the party.

  • Consider a donation to a charity in honor of the person being celebrated instead of bringing gifts. Allow the honoree to choose the organization.
  • Turn raising money into a game or fun competition between aunts, uncles, cousins, and other family members.
  • Share examples of what the non-profit does for people in your community or around the world so family members learn the impact of their gifts.
  • Involve young children. Their generous spirit and creative ideas might surprise you.
  • Make it an annual event.

Your family could choose to give to the Council, for example, because someone you know or love has received services. Your donation would give free white canes to people who need them, or provide in-home vision rehabilitation or assistive technology training. Giving is easy at

Your family’s gift could benefit a different charity every year, or support one that has significant meaning for your family. Set up a visit with the non-profit to deliver your gift in person. Many non-profits publish newsletters so you can see how your gift makes a difference. Ask to receive it.

Giving to non-profits decreases in the summer months; the need does not. Thank you to you and your family for giving generously.

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