Billboard Advertising Raises Awareness of Council Services and Visual Impairment

Billboard Advertising Raises Awareness of Council Services and Visual Impairment

Eleven people stand outside with a billboard behind.

Council and Adams Outdoor Advertising staff in front of the newly installed billboard on Stoughton Road.

In 2016, Adams Outdoor Advertising launched Adams Collaborate, a campaign to provide local nonprofits with $250,000 worth of free billboard advertising in the Madison, Kenosha and Racine areas. As of 2020, they have partnered with 33 nonprofits.

Through the Adams Collaborate program, the Council was awarded one year of free billboard advertising. The campaign began in January.

“We liked that the Council serves a statewide mission since that would utilize our widest reach,” says Amanda Halverson, Market Scheduler for Adams Outdoor Advertising. “The massive impact the Council has in our state stood out to me among the 28 applications we received. We really appreciated meeting the team from the Council. The Council has a great staff and we are excited to work with them.”

The Council’s Adams Outdoor campaign is targeted at adult children of people living with vision loss. Larger billboards Smaller billboards highlight store products to help people with vision loss age in place, like using bump dots on microwave buttons. It also seeks to normalize vision loss through its messaging. The two larger billboards can be found along the Beltline and major interstates and the six posters can be found on county highways. The Council’s billboards are currently located off of Stoughton Road, U.S. 12, U.S. 51, County Road K, and U.S. 151. The messages will rotate to other billboard locations throughout the year. A few of the Council’s billboards can be viewed below:

“See us after your eye exam” A magnifier magnifies the WCBVI logo.

Visual tip: Bump dots can help find buttons! WCBVI logo.

Visual tip: Colored tape shows stairs better! WCBVI logo.

On behalf of the Council, we thank Adams Outdoor Advertising and the Adams Collaborate team for providing such a valuable service to nonprofits in Wisconsin.

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