Support People in Wisconsin Who Live with Vision Loss

Piggy bank

As this year draws to a close, many of us are looking to put 2020 behind us and start fresh in 2021. Pandemic or not, people will continue to lose their vision due to accidents, illness and disease. The Council aims to finish the year on solid financial ground, so we are available for every person who reaches out for assistance in 2021 and beyond.

Can you help someone with vision loss by making a gift to the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired before year-end?

Here is how you can make a difference:

  • Gifts of Cash – Gifts of cash, check or credit card provide immediate support for programs and services.
  • Monthly Gifts – Become a White Cane Circle member by setting up a convenient monthly gift.
  • Memorials – A gift in memory of a loved one is a thoughtful way to remember that special person.
  • Donor Advised Funds – Contact your fund advisor to recommend a gift to the Council.
  • IRA Rollover – Make a gift directly to the Council from your IRA to receive tax benefits.
  • Legacy Gift – Naming the Council in your will or as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy provides a way for your values to live on indefinitely through the good works of the Council.

Find out more or make a gift at or mail a donation to WCBVI, 754 Williamson Street, Madison, WI  53703.

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