Thank You to Board Member Patty Zallar

Patty Zaller with her service dog

Patty Zallar and her service dog.

Patty Zallar has been involved with the Council’s board in various capacities for about 10 years. She served on the legislative work group and looks forward to continuing to work on advocacy issues like transportation and employment.

“Patty is a proud proponent of service dogs and a staunch advocate of disability rights, especially access to public places and accommodations in the workplace,” says Board Chair Chris Richmond. “A thoughtful, detail-oriented person, the board is grateful for her service.” 

She has worked for 29 years as a project manager with the State of Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds and is president of the Madison Evening Lions Club. She was recently elected chair of Leader Dogs for the Blind.  

“I’m proud of the legislative work we do to advocate,” she says. “The goals and initiatives like transportation and celebrating the thirtieth year of the Americans with Disabilities Act and accessibility for all breaks down barriers and tries to make a culture shift.” 

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