Student Spotlight: Saree Behm

Saree Behm

Council scholarship recipient Saree Behm is in her first year at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she lives in a dormitory on campus. A committed student, she is working towards a double major in Early Childhood Education with certifications in Early Childhood and Special Education. Saree spoke to Council Writer Lynn between her studies.

Lynn: What lessons have you learned in your first semester of college?

Saree: Whatever I want to do can be achieved if I work towards it. I worked really hard my first semester and made sure to stay on top of all of my homework and academic responsibilities. I communicated with my professors and went to a number of their office hours.

Lynn: What has been your favorite class so far? Is there anything else you’re excited about this year?

Saree: Guess I didn’t really have a favorite. College algebra was so hard, but I did it!

I’m hoping to continue to do well in my classes. Hopefully, I can make some good college memories with my friends and make the best of it even with COVID-19. Even though things are not good right now, I know that if I have a positive mindset, I can get through (the pandemic).

Lynn: What have you learned about yourself throughout the pandemic?

Saree: I’m very good at being patient and I definitely appreciate a lot of the daily things I do and take for granted.

Lynn: You mentioned that you enjoy mentoring others. Why is being a mentor important to you?

Saree: Mentoring is important because my goal is to one day build a trusting relationship with each and every child, regardless of where they come from. Children need to know that they’re loved. I had teachers that made me feel special and good about myself. Because other teachers helped me, I want to pay it forward to other children.

Lynn: What is one piece of advice you often offer to others?

Saree: If you want to achieve something, it is possible.

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