Council Snapshot in 2020

A map of Wisconsin marked with locations of people who received white canes, store customers and scholarship recipients from the Council.

The Council’s services reached people in a broad area of Wisconsin, as shown on this map.

The past year presented many challenges, but a snapshot of programs and services the Council provided, and how the community supported those services gives a picture of how together we persevered. Our 2020 Infographic, now available in audio, MS Word or PDF formats.

The Infographic shows that the Council:

  • Provided white canes to 423 clients in 45 Wisconsin counties.
  • Garnered support from 11 municipalities in October through White Cane Safety Day proclamations.
  • Served customers to our Sharper Vision Store – 1,280 total – in 63 counties across the state.
  • Conducted 24 vision rehabilitation visits and 200 phone consultations, 172 access technology appointments and 67 low vision rehabilitation visits.
  • Held 42 education programs that reached 239 people.
  • Welcomed donors from 64 counties and 24 states, 270 new donors among them.
  • Benefited from the work of volunteers that contributed 785.6 hours of service.

Thanks to all who participated and contributed to the Council last year. If you would like an Infographic, please call or find it on our website.

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