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Council Expands Awareness of White Cane Safety Day and Pedestrian Safety in Wisconsin

October 15 of each year is White Cane Safety Day, which brings public recognition to people who are blind and visually impaired and how they contribute to their communities. This day also promotes the White Cane Law, which states drivers must stop 10 feet or more from pedestrians using white canes. In Wisconsin, the Council… Continue Reading Council Expands Awareness of White Cane Safety Day and Pedestrian Safety in Wisconsin

All About the White Cane

For centuries, a traveling tool has existed giving people who are blind or visually impaired the ability to get around safely and independently anywhere they choose to go: the white cane. This piece of equipment also serves as an indication to others that the user is blind or visually impaired. White Cane Safety Day is… Continue Reading All About the White Cane

Student Spotlight: Elena Santin

Lawrence University freshman Elena Santin is one of the Council’s 2019 Scholarship Winners. She and Council Writer Katherine Corbett discussed future plans, hobbies and adaptations for playing music with a visual impairment. Katherine Corbett: Tell me about the first time you knew you wanted to study piano performance. Elena Santin: I have been playing piano… Continue Reading Student Spotlight: Elena Santin


Council Courier,
Spring 2019

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Annual Report 2018

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White Cane Safety Day Resource Toolkit

Our toolkit provides inspiration, examples and helpful hints as you plan for and promote this important day.

Adapting to Low Vision

This booklet is a beginning guide for lifestyle adaptation to low vision.

A Welcoming Main Street

A guide for providing quality customer service for those with vision impairments.

Social Media for All of Us

This resource offers tips to make social media content more accessible to people using screen readers.

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