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844 total donors in 2019; 171 new donors; more than half of our donors gave 3+ years in a row

2019 Donors: Look what you’ve done!

Thank you for your financial support of Council activities in 2019! Your gifts have made a direct impact on the lives of people experiencing vision loss. Your generosity has supported: Vision Services – one-on-one vision rehabilitation, technology training and low vision evaluations Advocacy – accessible pedestrian signal installation, accessible voting, greater access to public transportation… Continue Reading 2019 Donors: Look what you’ve done!


Council Courier,
Fall 2019

Listen to the audio version of the Fall 2019 Council Courier

How to Act & Talk When You Encounter Someone with Vision Loss and 2018 Council Activities

Annual Report 2018

Listen to the audio version of the Council’s 2018 Annual Report


White Cane Safety Day Resource Toolkit

Our toolkit provides inspiration, examples and helpful hints as you plan for and promote this important day.

Adapting to Low Vision

This booklet is a beginning guide for lifestyle adaptation to low vision.

A Welcoming Main Street

A guide for providing quality customer service for those with vision impairments.

Social Media for All of Us

This resource offers tips to make social media content more accessible to people using screen readers.

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