On-Site Vision Rehab Now Available at the Council with the Opening of New Classroom

Photo of Vision Rehabilitation Therapist showing items in the new on-site classroom

The Council recently expanded its menu of services with the opening of an on-site vision rehabilitation classroom at our Madison office. We are now able to provide vision rehabilitation therapy at our own location in addition to in clients’ homes.

“Opening the classroom enables us to better serve clients for whom a home visit is inconvenient or impractical,” says Education & Vision Services Director Amy Wurf.

Amy emphasizes that the space can benefit family members as well as individuals with vision loss. “We envision family training to be an important part of what we offer,” she says. “We want to help family members understand how to best support loved ones with vision loss who live outside of our area or can’t travel to our office.”

The new classroom, staffed primarily by Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Rachel Pavone, provides fee-based assessment and training related to a wide range of skills and daily activities, such as medication management, smart speaker and TV remote operation, timekeeping, notetaking, labeling and much more.

“I’m proud to advance the Council’s work by helping launch the new classroom,” Rachel says. “It’s so gratifying to support our clients as they build confidence and learn how much they can accomplish with the right tools and skills.”

To schedule an appointment or to see if on-site vision rehabilitation services are right for you, use the Vision Services Request form or call the Council at 608-255-1166.

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