Livingston Street Narrow Building Edge Garden

In this garden, 5 types of plants alternate along the side of the building.

New Plants Added to Garden


Description of plant: Perennial, various cultivars, 6-18” tall and wide (without flower scapes). White edged variety is Pilgrim (right). Part to full shade. Hardy to Zone 2. Average to moist soil.

Source: Pilgrim: Home Depot; other hostas saved from previous planting.

Blue Fescue Grass

Description of plant: Perennial, 10-12” high and 8-12” wide. Full sun. Hardy to Zone 4. Average moisture and soil.

Source: Home Depot.

Evercolor "Everoro" Sedge

Description of plant: Perennial. 12-18” high and wide. Hardy to Zone 5. Well drained soil.

Source: Home Depot.

Reblooming Daylilies

Description of plant: : Perennial , approx. 12” tall (without flowers) and 18” wide. Hardy zones 3-10. Full sun to part shade. Drought tolerant once established. Blooms summer to fall. Removing spent flower stalks encourages rebloom. Plants saved from previous planting are likely to be Stella d’Oro (photo). One purchased plant near the center of the garden is likely to be Happy Returns, which is a clear, slightly pale yellow.

Sources: Saved from previous planting and Home Depot.

Dusty Miller

Description of plant: Tender perennial grown as an annual, 1-2’ tall and wide (gets taller and greener with less light). Prefers full sun but tolerates light shade. Drought tolerant once established. It might overwinter in the sheltered space near the brick wall. If yes, it may bloom with small yellow flowers the second year. Included for both the color and textural contrast to the other grass-like plants in this bed (leaves are fuzzy).

Source: Home Depot.