Translation Service Can Enhance Your Council Experience

Graphic of a woman sitting at a desk saying hello in several languages

If you are most comfortable speaking a language other than English and would like to discuss products in the Sharper Vision Store or services the Council provides in your preferred language, we can help!

LanguageLine is a translation service that connects subscribing businesses like us with interpreters all around the world. If you would prefer to interact with us in a language other than English, we can call Language Line to instantly reach one of 16,000 professional interpreters who collectively know 240-plus languages, including American Sign Language. They will interpret using audio and/or video as appropriate.

In addition to helping you learn about store products, Language Line is also available when working with our vision services team in low vision evaluations, in-home vision rehabilitation visits and access technology sessions.

We don’t want language barriers to get in the way of serving our clients as effectively as possible! So if you would benefit from an interpreter when you visit the Sharper Vision Store or meet with Vision Services staff, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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